Sagittarius Full Moon check-in

What has come to your awareness with the Sagittarius Full Moon? Luna is now in Capricorn as we enjoy the final days of Gemini Season. Mutable Seasons (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) can be stressful and a bit annoying because they are times of change and adaption as we prepare for the next season. However, if you do the necessary shifting and have faith and belief in your skills and abilities, you can make things happen and manifest that new change for the approaching Cardinal Season. The latter half of Gemini Season 2019 has also included some intense Cardinal Energy that wants you to move forward, but do so methodically. We’re dealing with Saturn, Pluto, and Mars who are malefic in nature. They aren’t the most fun energies, especially when all aspecting each other at once, but this energy is so rare that we’re all evolving for lifetimes to come. Cancer Season begins on Friday, the eclipses are coming. Have faith, trust, and patience in the process.