Sagittarius Full Moon check-in

What has come to your awareness with the Sagittarius Full Moon? Luna is now in Capricorn as we enjoy the final days of Gemini Season. Mutable Seasons (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) can be stressful and a bit annoying because they are times of change and adaption as we prepare for the next season. However, if you do the necessary shifting and have faith and belief in your skills and abilities, you can make things happen and manifest that new change for the approaching Cardinal Season. The latter half of Gemini Season 2019 has also included some intense Cardinal Energy that wants you to move forward, but do so methodically. We’re dealing with Saturn, Pluto, and Mars who are malefic in nature. They aren’t the most fun energies, especially when all aspecting each other at once, but this energy is so rare that we’re all evolving for lifetimes to come. Cancer Season begins on Friday, the eclipses are coming. Have faith, trust, and patience in the process.

Mutable Signs — May 30th Mutable Cross

What limiting beliefs are you working through? For the last 36 hours I’ve been visiting family in Bucks County Pennsylvania – where I was born and raised. My native energy is VERY Mutable – My Sun, Moon, Rising, Earth, Descendent, Midheaven, IC, Venus, Mars, Juno, Pallas, Hygiea, Cupido, Icarus, Makemake, Haumea, Vertex, and Part of Fortune are ALL in Mutable Signs. Additionally, my mom is a Pisces Rising, my dad is a Virgo Sun and Rising, and my sister is a Pisces Sun & Sag Moon. I am definitely more than familiar with this modality haha


I’ve been observing how the Mutable Cross between Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune – all of which are in their native signs (Cupido also aspects from Virgo) – has been triggering up old patterns, limiting beliefs, and illusions that I have released or am still consciously working to transcend, specifically when it comes to money, family, relationships, and how I wish to see myself in this world. I’ve also come to deeper understanding of how persuadable my energy can be – especially when interacting with strong Fixed Energy, and how I need to consciously shift my energy to stay in my autonomous integrity.  


While it has been difficult to be challenged by the very early childhood conditioning I’ve been working to release, this time it has actually been helpful to interact and experience myself unaffected by certain themes being reflected back to me. It is not my place to tell someone how they should think or what they should believe even if it is objectively limiting or damaging them in some way. All I can do is not allow my energy to be swayed by theirs as I consciously shift my mindset and beliefs to create a life I love to look at by being of service to myself and my health first in my relationships, choose thoughts and beliefs that support my happiness and identity, and lead by example. When I am in a better space then I am able to assist others more effectively and efficiently.